Contributions in Our Community

Having lived in White Rock for most of our lives, we are passionate about giving back to our community.


Kindred Community Farm Sanctuary

Kindred Community Farm Sanctuary is a place for animals to go where they will be safe and protected for the rest of their lives. A promise for a forever home for animals that have been abused, neglected or abandoned. We’ve taken this a step further to create a safe haven for people to come and heal as well, together with our resident furry and feathered friends.

Our farm is built by and for our community. We cannot do it without each and every one of you. Click here to get involved!


Karen | Chair/President

I have always loved animals and grew up wanting a horse of my own.

Well, that didn’t exactly work out the way I thought, but I have shared my life with amazing cats and dogs. We had the requisite mice, hamsters, birds, but I gravitate to those who don’t live in a cage. As I get older, I am becoming more and more an advocate for the human-animal bond, as there is no truer bond on this earth in my opinion. When there is a trust and kindness, the relationship is unlike any other.

I am also becoming more and more vocal against abuse which brings me to why I am the President and Chair of the board. The children who have been involved with the program have been abused in violent ways, and the animals we have rescued have not had an easy time of it prior to coming to the farm. In that, there seems to be an inherent understanding from the children and the animals. They just get it. In showing kindness, empathy and patience – and a willingness to hope and trust, both can heal.


Winston | Director

For me, Kindred is about youth. Having started my life on a farm, visits to our family farm, being around the animals and out in open spaces, brought a sense of joy and real peace. Raising four sons allowed me to coach a lot of sports, be in the scouting program for years and do many things where I could be involved in the lives of young people. Youth more than ever need examples of people who do things and solve problems in a non-violent way.

Years of volunteering with Kinsmen and later Rotary always found me drawn to the programs that helped youth whether it was for playground equipment, a daycare or vaccinating against polio. Kindred Farm really touches my core value of caring and kindness, for youth in our area and for the rescue animals that share their stories to engage them.

As a director, it’s very important for me to find the funding and the like-minded people to continue to grow the programs and help more young people in our city. I love to talk about the farm, call me anytime!


White Rock Rotary Club

Feed My City
With many hostels, missions and shelter food services unable to prepare and present meals, Rotary Club of White Rock in conjunction with the City of White Rock and Peace Portal Alliance Church started serving those with needs a lunch each weekday for upwards of 30 people.

When we talk about PolioPlus, we know we are eradicating polio, but do we realize how many added benefits the programme brings? The ‘plus’ is something else that is provided as a part of the polio eradication campaign. It might be a hand-operated tricycle or access to water. It might be additional medical treatment, bed nets, or soap. This series looks at the ‘pluses’ that Rotarians worldwide help to provide.

Peace Arch Hospital Foundation
We are living in unprecedented times with the impact of COVID-19 on our community. Five local Rotary Clubs have raised funds to help through this difficult time. These funds will go to assist the Food Bank COVID-19 Response Project, the Mental Health Advocacy Program and Women’s Place – Trauma Counselling Program.

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