Meet our favorite Mortgage Brokers!

We have carefully selected only the best brokers in the area to help you with all of your mortgage needs.


Terry Batth

Terry Batth understands the purchase of your home is undoubtedly the largest and most important financial decision you and your family make. Getting the right mortgage with the right advice is so important, but equally as important is who you trust to help you make your purchase. Building and presenting your case to a Lender that fits your needs to realise your financial dreams.

For many of us a house is not only a property we invest our hard earned money in -  it's where we live, work, play, grow - we create memories there, we raise our children and pets; all in all our homes are our security our future. 

Take into consideration all the new mortgage rules and stipulations with all the media confusion - one can lose a lot of sleep. That's why you deserve an honest, passionate, dedicated mortgage specialist who is going to work to provide you with the knowledge and advice that best fits you for your future home.

Together lets find a mortgage solution that works for you!


Tori Dolmans

Tori Dolmans is a mortgage expert, specialising in making mortgages easy to understand, easy to identify with and easy to make happen.
With 25 years in the financial services and mortgage industry, Tori has helped hundreds of clients own their homes faster while paying the least amount of interest - and making informed, financial decisions in the process. 

She understands how daunting the road to owning a home is & has seen first hand how home buyers are ‘coaxed’ into taking the path of least resistance - which ultimately costs them financially. Tori is a bonafide ‘truth seeker’ and continues to be a guiding light in an industry where home-owners often feel in the dark. 

She’s on a mission to not only support, guide and coach her clients, but to shift the collective mentality that buying a home isn’t attainable for everyone. As Tori says, “It can be with the right partner!". Time to dream.

More than a Broker, Tori is here to be your financing Go-To for life!